Iron Chef Challenge: Chickpeas

Hello out there!

As I mentioned on Friday, VeganMoFo announced the first Iron Chef Challenge! This week the secret ingredient was chickpeas!

So I grabbed some chickpeas and started scheming of new and exciting things to do with them. Except there were so many possibilities that I couldn’t even pick one.

My post-marathon stomach was not patient enough for me to decide, however, and I started chopping up some veggies. While eating quinoa straight from the pot. And then I realized how much I wanted brussels sprouts. So I cut up those, too.  Since the oven was on anyways, I decided to roast the chickpeas. But not after a little love from some chili powder. And into the oven they went. With some corn, because that sounded good at the time. By this time smells were wafting around my kitchen. So I had a little snack.By the time that was finished, I had some delicious chickpeas that wanted to be eaten. So I decided to throw everything into a taco shell. And that’s how these chickpea tacos were born.

To see some awesome chickpea recipes from other MoFo’s, make sure to check here.

I would also like to announce that I can still walk and I didn’t die. Which is certainly enough to celebrate. And I made it to the finish line! And maybe tomorrow I will actually be able to think coherently. It’s been a long weekend. See you tomorrow, folks!


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