Gone to Germany

Current location: Past customs, but not quite to the gate
Feeling: Somewhere between sleep deprived and bursting with excitement, if there was such a thing
Listening to: Chinese TV show (that counts as studying, right?)
Local time: 0249
Last meal: almond cookies, coffee, and coffee

Friday afternoon I was finally able to pick up my passport from the Public Security Bureau, which means I am now in possession of a brand new residence permit! I’ve been back in China for nearly two months now, so it is nice to see my passport again.

So what’s the first thing I do now that I’m officially a resident of China? Leave the country, of course. I am currently on my way to Berlin where I will be attending the World Health Summit! I am very passionate about global health, so this is such an amazing opportunity for me. I’m looking forward to hearing some pretty amazing speakers.

Right now I’m at the airport in Beijing. Taking advantage of the free WiFi and trying to stay awake until I can check in for my next flight.

Insert random picture from the last time I was in Beijing:


See you from Germany!


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